Ergo Risk Assessment - The Problem

Initial Assessment

The Kinetica Labs app allows you to set parameters to classify any risk levels that you want.  

After processing your video, it is returned to you with a skeleton superimposed on the subject along with the intuitively visualized reports.  

The color coding on parts of the skeleton provide an indication of different levels of risk.

Ergo Risk Assessment - The Solution

Detailed Assessment

Our app also generates a data file of frame-by-frame posture data that can be imported into ergonomic assessment tools to provide a more granular ergonomic assessment. 

Kinetica Labs can provide technical services to assist you in the import process.

Ergo Risk Assessment - Incredibly Effective

Industry Integration

Kinetica Labs partners with software platform and tools providers to offer a “out-of-the-box” integrations to existing ergonomic risk assessment solutions.  

With our first integration partner, VelocityEHS, a user of The Humantech System® can send a video to the Kinetica Labs engine and import posture data into quantitative tools to identify gaps and plan ergonomic improvements.   

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