Ergo assessment video of worker lifting boxes

Industrial Ergonomists

Kinetica allows you to spend more time on solutions for your co-workers and clients by:

Determining body angles automatically with our
AI-enabled motion capture
Speeding up assessments by using the integrated ergonomic tools

The expert choice

See why Kinetica Labs is the trusted benchmark for ergonomic data collection.

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Rapid assessments

Assess worker tasks more rapidly by letting Kinetica Labs' sensorless motion capture determine body angles for you. 

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Enhanced engagement

Show processed videos highlighting ergonomic risk to workers and facilities managers within minutes— enhancing engagement in ergonomic programs.

  • Record on the fly: Record video with your iPhone/Android mobile device or a digital camera—no special equipment needed!
  • Save time: Kinetica Labs' technology handles the details, so you don't need to worry about sensors, markers, or special suits
  • Get traction: Leverage intuitive graphs and images to help you deliver impactful recommendations

How it works 

Infinite possibilities

Perform unlimited assessments for each video through our integration to commonly used ergonomic tools.

  • RULA
  • REBA
  • NIOSH Lifting Equation
  • Liberty Mutual Tables
  • New Liberty Mutual Equations
    (published March 2021)
Enterprise features
The dashboard provides visibility across all divisions/projects and drill down to specifics.
The user administrative console monitors multi-user engagement and risk scoring across the enterprise.

Need a full platform?

Our technology is integrated into VelocityEHS/Humantech, a full platform that includes training modules, improvement tracking and robust reporting.

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Deliver greater ergonomic insight.Tap into AI.