AI for Ergonomic Assessments

Some of the largest insurance companies in the world have already proven that they can leverage Kinetica Labs’ motion capture software to help their clients protect workers from ergonomic injuries. 

Risk consultants and ergonomic specialists at these insurance companies have been using Kinetica’s software to perform on-site and virtual assessments with just a smartphone. 

Workers do not need to wear any sensors or markers. 

And there is no need for special camera equipment setup either.

Kinetica has made it simple. 

Just record a video of a worker performing a task and upload it to Kinetica’s software.  The software returns intuitive, visual results that our insurance clients use to make impactful recommendations for their clients:

  • a skeleton of the worker superimposed onto the video, color-coded to indicate ergonomic risk
  • images of individual frames showing a specific ergonomic risk
  • graphs showing the ergonomic risk of body parts throughout the video
  • ergonomic reports that detail the underlying risk factors for ergonomic scores (e.g., REBA, NIOSH)  
  • The simplicity and flexibility of the Kinetica solution has allowed our clients to continue to provide ergonomic recommendations even when they cannot visit the client’s site.

The software is available for the Web, iOS and Android and is integrated with RULA, REBA and the NIOSH Lifting Equation, with more tool integrations coming soon.

Based on technology developed at the University of Michigan as well industry-recognized ergonomic research, the Kinetica solution harnesses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to simplify ergonomic assessments so that more time can be spent on developing and implementing solutions.