Warehouse worker image being assessed by Kinetica Ergo software

Partner Integrations

Our technology can significantly enhance software platforms for:

Ergonomic assessments
Safety audits
Physical therapy

Power up your software

Get body posture data from simple cell phone videos analyzed by Kinetica Labs' cloud-based motion capture software. 

Integrate Motion Capture

Easy implementation

Leverage our experience integrating body angle data into applications with our robust, well-documented API.

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More value for your users

Replace manual, error-prone body angle measurements with AI-enabled computer vision and image analysis from Kinetica Labs.

  • Record on the fly: Record video with your iPhone/Android mobile device or a digital camera—no special equipment needed!
  • Save time: Kinetica's technology handles the details, so you don't need to worry about sensors, markers, or special suits
  • Fast results: Highly accurate, AI-enabled analysis gives you the results you need in a fraction of the time

How it works 

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