2019 has been a banner year for Kinetica Labs. 

In April, we launched our iPhone app*, and in March, our technology became available as an advanced feature of VelocityEHS’ Humantech Industrial Ergonomics software platform.  

With these developments, our markerless, computer vision-based technology has made a significant impact already. 

  • Over 4,500 tasks have been analyzed to identify musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) risk. 
  • Over 380 industrial facilities are using Kinetica’s MotionCapture technology to assess MSD risk.  These facilities represent 60 organizations from a variety of industries including aerospace, distribution, pharma, energy, manufacturing, automotive, and food processing.
  • Our technology is also being used by ergonomics consultants and workers compensation insurance providers to help their clients to reduce MSD injuries in the workplace.

Organizations are using our technology to

  • Assess a higher percentage of the tasks at their sites given the ease-of-use of the MotionCapture technology.
  • Enable ergonomists and safety professionals to spend more time on corrections and training by saving time during the assessment phase.
  • Reinvigorate ergonomics programs with the addition of an exciting and innovative new technology.
  • Elevate ergonomics initiatives to upper management and the board level to garner strategic support.

* We currently offer the app for a $995 annual subscription fee that enables the user to analyze up to 100 videos.  Contact us for alternative pricing/usage options or to schedule a demo.